What's in Auckland

From food and drink to live sporting events, check out whats on in Auckland and NZ’s historic craft beer bar. Exciting events ahead!

BBQ Events, Craft Beer Tasting & Smoking Masterclasses

Together with NZ’s BBQ masters at Berkie’s BBQ, the juiciest brisket, most succulent pork ribs and smokiest wings awaits on the table. Culley’s extraordinary sauces shall take your taste buds to a whole new level.

We’re taking bookings for team building events and Christmas functions now.

whats on in Auckland
To make a booking at any one of our Brewers Group locations, please use our online reservation system.

Believe It or Not Quiz Events

At the Brewers Co-operative, Wednesday night is quiz night! Join the fun and register your team now.


Whats on in Auckland Daily and Weekly Events

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