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The Brewers Room

Coming to a Ponsonby Central near you, the all-new The Brewers Room is a lot more than a place for a drink and a chat. It is a tasting ground, if you like, for dozens of New Zealand craft beer brewers. Our ever-changing collection of beers includes the best of the best from brewmasters to be found from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South. The Brewers Room is definitely one of the bars in Ponsonby that is worth checking.

Auckland's Best Craft Beers

You will find locally brewed small batch craft beers that are uniquely New Zealand. We offer 24 TAPS of carefully selected craft beers, beers to be savoured and lingered over. Each and every one is a brewer’s dream of making something special, something different, something unique.

You’ll find IPAs, SOURS, CIDER, STOUTS, PALE ALE, BELGIUM ALES, as varied a selection of Fresh Tap beer you can find around the bars in Ponsonby and NZ.

Vast Variation of Beers

The brewers supplying us with fresh beer are endlessly varying their beers to create new taste experiences. They are all, typically, higher in alcohol levels than the mainstream options. It’s their freshness that makes all the difference. Each beer retains its unique character, as if served in the brewery on the day it was made. They come from brewers like LIBERTY, EPIC, SAWMILL, MCLEOD’S, HEYDAY, BEHEMOTH, BONEFACE, GARAGE PROJECT, DEEP CREEK, NNN, WHISTLING SISTERS, & OTHERS.

Personalise Thy Beer

So how do you go about finding your preference? You can discuss the options with one of our Brew Crew, who can give you expert guidance. Or do what many do, try a box of small sample glasses and let your taste buds be the judge. You will drool over the constantly changing offering like a kid in a lolly shop. As each Keg is emptied a new selection is presented.

You’re not a beer drinker? We have an excellent selection of wines and a range of boutique craft gins almost as extensive as our beer range.

Match with your drinks with our signature Fish & Chips, or a Brewers Burger with beef, bacon, cheese, pickle and our secret sauce. Or maybe you fancy Panang Fish Bites, or our house- smoked Beef Brisket Roll. Or how about fresh oysters or home smoked fish cakes? Served at your table and all wrapped up in traditional newsprint.

For customers looking to host a group function or event, The Brewers Beer Shed is available for private function hire, including beer and food tasting specials.

Come along and experience The Brewers Room in Ponsonby Central and make yourself known. You will find hot food, a warm welcome and lots of cold craft beer